My Favorite Websites

Here is a list of a few websites that I enjoy using on the job:

Goodreads: Where I keep track of what I’m reading, what I want to read, and what I have read, plus make some friends along the way!

Find me:

OCLC Classify: Where I go to double check (or find originally) the DDC classification numbers for specific books that I consider adding to the library’s collection

TechCrunch: My go-to for technology and Web 2.0 info

Twitter: The home of my PLN, where I go to learn up to date, fast info, links, articles,  learn from others in the profession in varying capacities (school media specialists, public librarians, electronic resources librarians, systems librarians, you get the idea), meet new librarians, basically get my learn on in a big way!

You can follow me at:

NetLingo: Awesome site in case you aren’t sure of all those text and/or internet lingo that seems to change by the second!

NinjaWords: My go to online dictionary of choice. Very user friendly, and quick and stealth as a ninja! For real!

Google Reader: My RSS feed reader of choice. I divvy up the blogs and professional development websites and journals that I follow. All in one spot! Great organization and makes for some good reading!

Sites I’m interested in learning more about: : online note-taking site another online note-taking site but not as involved as

Prezi: online presentation software, similar to power point but potentially more upscale

If you have any sites that aren’t listed that you use on the job, leave me a comment! I’m always looking for new sites!


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