Getting my library ducks in a row

If you follow me on Twitter you know that I am expecting my first baby next month! I can’t believe it! Such an exciting time! And, I might add, such a great work environment for me with super supportive and helpful coworkers!

I’m getting my ducks in a row in preparation for my maternity leave. It is a big task so I’m taking it one task at a time (that’s the normal way right – we don’t have to multi-task EVERYTHING).

My department has worked together to divvy up my main duties while I’m out and I’ve debriefed my coworkers on said tasks and we keep up with one another in regards to questions that come up, and ideas for the future etc.

My collection development catalog pile is starting to shrink (I never thought this would happen) – my lists in iPage are up to day and I’ve even worked ahead a few months to make sure I’m covered on some extra new works coming out.

I’ve scheduled and promoted a couple of webinars between this month and next.

I’m  (wo)manning the reference desk, fielding questions, phone calls, technical help, but after this last computer class session, I’ve bowed out of teaching because really, our May session is iffy for me to commit to since you know, babies come when they want. I wouldn’t want to commit to teach a class and then be a no show. Oops!

So things are moving along – more rapidly each day it feels like! Excitement and joy is in the air at work!

It’s a great place to be!

If you’ve had to take a leave from work for any reason, what sorts of things did you do to prepare?


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