My thoughts on Social Media

I read a blog post recently about how some people consider social media to be a hobby. They hop on Twitter and/or update their blog at night or in their free time, as a way to wind down, or feel connected, and have some ‘me time’.  Using social media as their fun outlet instead of something else, like reading or cooking or running or whatever else people consider hobbies nowadays (they vary so much)!

For me, ever since I got myself a Twitter account, I feel that a whole world has opened up in my profession. Other librarians are so willing to share, and offer advice and really to become friends, all in 140 characters. And for my blog, which I do on my off time from work, it makes me think more, exercises and flexes my brain muscles to really think about my field and how I fit in and what I learn everyday.

So for me, I feel that it is a hobby within my profession, and it is fun for me,  if that makes sense. And I feel that being in the field of librarianship, we are some really lucky people – getting to experiment with these different technologies and play with them and then in some cases, teach them to other people! Whoah!

Wondering others thoughts on this? Do you consider sitting in front of a computer, building your online community of professionals and friends via Twitter or Facebook or your blog to be a hobby, or a professional obligation for work or fun?


2 Responses

  1. It is fun to connect with others professionally and see information exponentially spread. I think it is becoming more of a professional responsibility and in the next few years if you aren’t there, you’ll be missing a significant portion of the library profession discussions and a significant part of your local community, taxpayers, who are growing up online.

  2. I consider my blog part of my professional presence (a second job if you will) and I also promote my mom’s online endeavors. I think of it more as “building my brand” and connecting with people than librarian specific.

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