My ‘smartphone’

So I have an EnV3 cell phone – and recently I’ve learned how to twitpic and how to email my cell phone pics to myself. This is big and exciting news people! You’d think for being a reference librarian, I’d have known how to do these things waaay before now. But no, actually my friend showed me how to email my cell phone pics to myself just the other week (it!), and my twitter buddy told me how to twitpic AND get the text to go in the tweet – for the longest time (well, okay, maybe twice but it felt like for-ever), I tried to twitpic and put the text in the body of the message rather than in the subject field. Ah-ha! That’s the way to do it! Now a whole new world has opened up!

Granted I only have a $9.99 data plan on my phone, and it’s not a super fancypants droid, nor does it have Swype technology or a touch screen even but I love my 25 megabytes of internet each month (barely scratch the surface of using them), and my handy lil phone that is simple to use (odd I wouldn’t want something fancypants, but I tried an LG Ally for a hot minute and almost fell to pieces at its complexity – researching and owning are two different things!)

Why…because being a librarian and learning new things everyday and then getting to experiment with them is one of the coolest parts of the gig! I mean you all agree right!?

Have you learned anything new about your cell phone lately? Do you have a smartphone? How do you like it?

sidenote: I learned today that the EnV series is no longer but the closest one to it is the LG Octane – which I checked out earlier today just to see what it was like while I was there trying to get my mobile email to work – oh yeah, that’s another thing I learned that I had – and at no extra cost! Mobile email kinda rocks and is super fast on my lil non-android technological phone 😉


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  1. Excellent! Glad it’s working for you!

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