Tax season memories

I got to talking with a twitter buddy of mine the other day about this and got my brain to thinking, which transferred into blogging!

I know I know, we’re in the midst of tax season – and if you work in a public library, things are in full swing, restocking forms, making appointments for our free tax assistance services , answering (directional) questions, not advising patrons on what to fill out, where, and when because frankly, we aren’t cpas 🙂

However, memories are formed everyday!

Sidebar: I just read that my baby (25 weeks pregnant today) – starts establishing memories at 30 weeks in the womb! A shame they don’t remember enough to tell us when they come out huh. But I digress…

My favorite memory thus far:

Finally receiving our 1040 instruction booklets! Do you have any idea how happy this has made so many people who stop by the reference desk and/or call the reference desk, with wary in their voice, preparing to cringe / gasp / rejoice 🙂

Y’all know I love a good mail call! Working in ILL, everyday can be like Christmas, and during tax season, that is quadrupled with the constant incoming tax forms!

Best memory to-date. More to come I’m sure.

Wait, is it April yet haha!


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