The time I talked for an hour and a half straight

Yes, I said it, and I NEVER thought that I would be one to talk (think: lecture) for an HOUR and a HALF! IN ONE SITTING! What! That’s like a whole college / grad school class period! That is LONGER than a high school class period!

Needless to say, I was um kind of impressed! And I owe it to the awesome students in my Introduction to the Internet class yesterday!

I haven’t taught this class in a while so I spent a few days earlier in the week brushing up on the power point presentation and prepping how I would toggle between the different screens (firefox vs IE, blogs, news websites, etc.). And I swear in going over it all, in my head, at my lil desk, it did NOT take an hour and a half – this is the FULL time alloted for both the class AND the practice exercises. Gyah!

And, I got to thinking that maybe I was a motor mouth or the students weren’t as inquisitive the last time I taught the class, but it did not take that long and actually timed out rather well with a good 30 minutes for them to work on the ‘Internet Scavenger Hunt’ that we had prepared. This time they had to practice a bit after the class was over and I reiterated that they can call or set up a one-on-one appointment with our reference librarians if they have additional questions as they are going through the exercises.

At any rate, the students were great – it was a FULL class! 22 total I think! Which is sweet considering we have 24 computers! And they were so gracious with their questions and encouraging words at the end, coming up to me to tell me how much they learned and appreciated my teaching! Wow! THAT is why I went into this field – I swear it is the most rewarding field EVER!

So next time I’m teaching Introduction to Twitter – I made the presentation in power point myself  – first time since grad school- 33 slides (yesterday’s class was 29 slides) – so maybe we’ll allot 2 hours just in case / depending on the turnout? Oh AND I’m teaching Introduction to Email on February 11 a couple weeks before my Twitter class.

Shew, between tax season, classes, and collection development, this librarian is on her toes! And lovin’ it!



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