It’s still tax season right?

That was a joke – of COURSE it is still tax season – and we’re still getting questions about where the forms are, and we’re getting more and more forms in everyday, but still not everything yet.

But this past Tuesday, January 18, tax season really went into full swing at my library! Why, you ask? Well, my library offers AARP and VITA tax assistance to our patrons – for FREE! It is a wonderful service and I think that our patrons are super lucky that we offer it – and they know it, and they sure do appreciate it as well!

But with this lovely service, comes an outpouring of phone calls to set up appointments for the two agencies. And the fearless reference librarians (yes, we are fearless, I said it), are taking phone calls and signing people up in person in our little ‘Tax Appointments’ binder (hmm I should get a picture of this) ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ll admit, Tuesday was c-razy, with a capital C! We made so many appointments – and made so many patrons happy, it was great! The rest of the week was pretty steady – or maybe I’m just used to the flow – but I know that Tuesday night I came home and fell asleep at 9:15pm! (and I’m not blaming it on the pregnancy, it truly was a chaotic but productive and fulfilling day) ๐Ÿ™‚

Does your library provide free tax assistance to your patrons? Do you make the appointments or is it all done online or through an automated service?



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