The time it snowed in TN

I thought moving from NY to TN I would encounter less snow. However, having been here for a year, moving in the snow, having my first weekend of work canceled due to snow, everything icing over, and then having a flood in May (fortunately both work, home, and the huz and I made it through just fine), I have been seriously proven wrong.

Mother nature is at it again and brought us several inches of snow again last night. Again, fortunate that our home is nice and warm, and that work is moving along, despite a delayed opening and an early closing.

So if you’re out there in this snow (and soon to be ice I’m sure), please drive safely – and if you use mass transit – hey, more power to ya! Fortunately (at 5 months pregnant) I do not have to drive in this and my amazing coworker is picking me up and taking me home today. Shew!

Despite going to undergrad in PA and graduate school in NY, I am not accustomed to driving in snow, I can do it, but I don’t like it one bit.

Stay warm and safe out there fellow librarians!


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