Tax signs revisited

Funny enough, the day I posted about our tax signs, we ended up doing some shuffling around since the placement of the one sign was a bit too large for its spot. We since moved that one closer to the door to the department, and created what I like to call, a bread crumb trail for the eyes. The big black and white sign is now as you enter the department with an arrow pointing right, which leads your eyes to the top right of a shelf with another arrow and a smaller sign that says ‘tax forms’, which leads your eye to yet another same sign on the far left of the shelf behind it, pointing directly to the tax forms shelf, where a red framed sign says ‘tax forms’. Maybe I’ll start a tally of how many times I get asked where the tax forms are – you know, now that we have the new layout 🙂 Plus, librarians love stats right! 🙂

Pictures would be helpful in this post huh! I’ll have to remedy that 🙂 Stay tuned!


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