The time ALA contacted me because of a Tweet!

I feel so bad for being so against Twitter for so long in my (library) life. I researched it on my own, talked to other users, talked to professionals in library land, and just plain didn’t get the popularity and draw to this little piece of social media. But, forging onward, I decided to see what the hype was about for myself and get an account. Um…in my opinion, it has kind of been one of the coolest things I could have done! Because WOW, Twitter and librarians and libraries and news and networking and fun and so so much learning are literally at my fingertips now!

I can honestly say that I feel that I have made some great twitter friends! Even though I only know (in real life) about 3 of my Twitter friends, that really doesn’t matter because what I have learned from people I have never even met is immeasurable!

My point being, connections can happen anywhere and it seems that at this point in time, in my time, Twitter is “where it’s at”

I recently attended a two part webinar hosted by David Lee King and Robin Hastings about social media in your library. It was awesome!

sidebar: there was a tweet deck screenshot and a hoot suite screenshot and a few of my tweets were included – yes, I almost fell to the floor when my coworker pointed this out to me!

Anyway, afterwards I tweeted about how great it was! And lo and behold, someone at ALA saw it, clicked on my profile, clicked on my blog, clicked on my contact info, and emailed me for a quote about the webinar!

WHAT! Little ole me! I was flabbergasted!

So that goes to show you that, Twitter and your PLN (personal learning network in case you weren’t familiar – I just learned what it stood for a few months ago), are great networking tools and librarians (as we all know), are wonderful helpers, networkers, and social media mavens right!

Did Twitter surprise you in its uses?




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