Learning, Weeding, Cookies and Computers

Yesterday my library was fortunate enough to be able to close for a day so that all of the staff at my Main branch and our other branches in the system could have a Professional Day! And let me tell you…IT WAS SO FUN! I’ve not worked at a library that offers a special Staff Day before, so this was a huge treat! There was a full agenda for the day (oh and it included muffins, cookies, coffee and juice – I mean refreshments rock, AND they were donated by a couple of our local grocery store chains)!

We started out the morning doing a Keirsey Personality Test and then met up and divided up into our different ‘temperament’ groups (I’m a Guardian/Provider in case you were curious) to discuss. Oddly (or not), there was a HUGE group of us Guardians, along with a huge group of Idealists, 1 Rationalist (1 lone rationalist, imagine that!), and a smattering of Artisans. So I say we make up a great group of staff! Perfect for serving a wide variety of patrons for sure!

After our group session, a speaker came in and discussed even deeper meanings about the personality test which was really cool!

And after a little more small talk (and prizes! pumpkins, spider web decoration and scarecrow decoration all drawn at random), the staff at the branches went back to their respective libraries and the folks over at Main (that’s me), stayed and we all worked on various projects that we couldn’t really get to during the hours we were open.

And I must not forget our wonderful Reference department lunch! It happened to be very close to my supervisor’s birthday (by one day – Happy Birthday today!), plus we never get to go out as a department, so we all walked down the street to a little pub and had a great lunch al fresco! I love it when we are able to do department lunches, it’s so great to get out with my coworkers in a different context than work! And we had a great time!

After lunch we walked back and got started on a HUGE weeding project (we got everything weeded, it was awesome!), and watched a few webinars and did some other computer work. I watched the GA Library Wednesday Webinar Archive of The Social Library with Cliff Landis which was TOTALLY awesome! I got lots of great ideas that I can’t wait to start talking about 🙂

All in all, a wonderful day full of learning and fun – that’s what work is supposed to be like right! Ah librarianship, it really is the best field ever!


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