To eRead or not to eRead

That is the question. I’ve been reading so many articles about eReaders lately. The Nook, the Kindle, the Sony eReader, and I’m sure someone somewhere is developing a new and improved eReader as I type this. Technology moves at lightening speed. A fellow librarian, Abigail over at Hedgehog Librarian recently did a post about eReaders and her reasons for not going with one at this time. This post got me to thinking (and in turn, commenting on her post – see my Web 2.0 post it’s coming true!) about eReading and my lifestyle.

When I went on vacation last month, everybody on the airplane had an eReader (well not everybody, but the two people sitting in the aisle across from me at least). But really, info about these things is all over the interwebs. Libraries are promoting them, companies are promoting them, you get the idea.

Overall, as a librarian, I think they are wonderful inventions. Information flies to and fro in these things, people downloading books, sharing books between accounts (Kindle), and taking reading to another level. Such a great thing for libraries. Why for libraries you ask? Because it helps to promote our eBook databases like R.E.A.D.S (Overdrive) and NetLibrary! And, back to the point of bringing reading to the patrons, at warp speed…I mean how long does it take to download a book? And how long does it take to drive to the library, pick your book, check it out, and drive home. Not that I’m not promoting that either, but whatever floats your boat.

For me, personally, now that my life has slowed down a bit – no more 2 hour commute on the LIRR everyday for one thing. And the fact that I look at a computer screen for the better part of 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, I enjoy sitting on my couch, my tea or coffee an arm’s reach away, cracking open my book, and diving in.  So right now, my eyes need a rest from a computer screen, and while many of these eReaders are promoting how it is not like looking at a computer screen but more like a real book, I’m not ready to jump on that bandwagon just yet. That and I have a 10 minute commute, in my car, with me doing the driving. Yeah, reading is not going to happen 🙂

For now, I’ll settle with getting my books at the library, or if I am so moved by an author or a particular book, to purchase it for my own library where I can revisit it anytime I please.

Things can change at anytime though and I will continue to be open minded.

Where do you stand on the whole eReading / eReader debate?


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  1. I just did a project where I talked to a Reference Librarian about patrons asking for ebooks. I suggested in my project that they get the Nookcolor since the files are compatible with PC, iPad, etc. Still, nothing beats finding a book on the shelf. If I didn’t use the ebook I’d feel guilty since it’s so pricey. And you’re right, I never thought of that, we need a rest from the glare of the computer screen.

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