Web 2.0, do blogs count?

I got to talking with a coworker and friend (same person)  of mine yesterday about Web 2.0. Recently someone asked me to define it, you know, being a librarian and all. I gladly obliged saying that I thought of it as (for example), Facebook, MySpace (although that’s on the outs), Twitter, Flickr, and…blogs. That was the part that I wasn’t totally sure about, hence a convo w/ my colleague. We came to the conclusion that while some may consider blogs to be ‘flat’ since they are generally one person’s (or in some cases, a group of people’s) ideas. However…it can also be argued that they are becoming less ‘flat’ in this day and age. Why you ask…the fact that blogs are becoming more interactive (think Twitter only slower), because of the fact that blog posts can prompt reactions from readers…in the form of comments.  One comment can lead to another comment, can lead to two people (or more) having a full on discussion w/in your blog comment field, or moving it over to Twitter, or email. See how that flows… The fact that the blog is acting as its own social media outlet / network, I think, makes it valid of being considered Web 2.0.

Just my two cents. Lemme know yours! 🙂

Oh yeah, Happy Friday!


3 Responses

  1. I agree. I think blogs are web 2.0 because there is the ability to get comments and feedback instead of just talking into a void or talking at a reader. I also think the advent of blogging platforms (like wordpress for instance!) make the whole endeavor very web 2.0 since everyone and anyone can now blog easily.

  2. Thanks! Yes both WordPress and Blogger make the whole thing so much simpler! No degree in computer programming / coding needed!

  3. Definitely! I don’t have much more to add than what missprint said, but I agree that blogs can be web 2.0. They can become their own social networks of sorts depending on how widely read it is. My blog…not so much. Michael Stephen’s Tametheweb.com …definitely.

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