The time I was almost late to my own class

So if you follow me on Twitter, you saw that I tweeted I was excited about teaching Intro to the Computer yesterday, at 2:30pm (notice that I even tweeted the time- this will be important later).  I love teaching classes at work, and the patrons are so appreciative, so the whole deal is hugely rewarding for me.

I knew going into the day that it would be crammed full and busy. What I did not count on however, was losing my keys and barely avoiding an overflowing kitchen sink in my apartment in the morning. This is trailing a bit off of my library-related only blogness, but it also comes into play later, so pay attention 🙂 So in the morning I’m running early and go to look for my house keys…gone…not in my bag, not in my pocket from my pants the day before, not on the table where they normally are. Then the dishwasher is running and I notice that one of the two (shallow) sinks is filling with water…quickly…I stare at it for a minute, glance at my watch, frantically look for my keys again, and then decide to just call the emergency maintenance crew to come check it out, leave the door unlocked, leave a note for them to lock the door back, and head on to work. Miracle of miracles I’m only a few minutes late.

I get to work and get right into work mode on the ref desk. I’m thinking okay, I will have lunch from 12-12:50, then have 10 minutes to prep for the webinar from 1-2 (Webinar: hosted by WebJunction, all about technology in rural libraries #ruraltech is the hashtag if you want to hop on Twitter to follow it – some awesome info by the way! and it’s archived if you wanna watch later). And then I’ll have 30 minutes to prep and set up for my computer class…again, at 2:30.

sidenote: if you’re still reading this, huge congrats, I know I can be long winded…moving on…

So the webinar ends right on time (I love how timely these things are, they say 1 hour, they mean 1 hour), and I open up the power point for the class to review it (oh yeah, this all takes place at my desk in the workroom) one more time before actually teaching it. Now here’s where it goes a bit haywire…for some reason I have in my mind that I have a full 30 minutes before I even have to go in a set up for the class, so I’m scrolling along, reading each slide, looking over the notes…and then it’s 2:30 so I get up to go set up the lab and start the class.

Fortunately my coworkers (amazing folks), having not seen me for a little too long, and knowing that the class was on the verge of starting, patrons all settled in their seats, set up the ENTIRE lab, and my teaching computer and projection screen FOR ME! So when my coworker comes in and say we set it up, we didn’t know where you were, I wanted to bow down to her in gratitude. Clearly I was not thinking correctly (lost keys, overflowing sink, chat off the chain in the webinar..ring a bell), looked at my watch, my eyes almost popped out of my head, and went to the lab to start the class.

The patrons were amazing, asked tons of wonderful questions, learned a lot, and I got some good feedback. So all’s well that ends well thankfully. Just a little out of whack huh! Has this ever happened to you!? Please don’t tell me I”m alone in this lol.

Oh and if you’re wondering about my keys…they were found…and the sink…didn’t overflow and was fixed, apparently you can’t run the dishwasher AND the garbage disposal (no matter how fast) at the same time. Oops! 🙂


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