New Librarian Thoughts

A couple of fellow librarian bloggers  recently posted  tips for new librarians.

I thought that it was a GREAT idea and decided to jump on the bandwagon.

I’ve been in the library field for 2 1/2 years this October (wow, time flies), part of the time I was in library school I worked in advertising (talk about not being able to apply your knowledge, this was apples n’ oranges), then I got a job in a library and things began to make 100% more sense. Amazing, let me tell ya. And then after I graduated, I went from being a YA librarian in an urban library, to being a Reference librarian in a suburban library. And while I think that I did learn a lot about libraryland through my coursework, I honestly think that I learned the most from actually working in a library. While I was in school I was blinded by the assignments, coursework, and getting through each semester. Once that was over a whole new world opened up, one where I had the freedom to read what I want (sign up for an RSS feed reader, it is my saving grace in keeping up with news and blogs), explore social networking on a professional level (Twitter), and learn firsthand, and from coworkers, what it is like to really be a librarian.

To tell my own stories, to learn new things everyday.

So without further adeu, if you are in library school and have time to read this, congratulations 🙂 Here are some of my tips, from a quasi-new librarian:

1- Don’t be afraid to learn from your coworkers – ask lots of questions

2- Don’t be afraid to explore new things (online and in print)

3- Get yourself out there, social networks can really be your friend in this field, your fellow librarians are nice people 🙂

4- If you have a new idea, announce it, research it, collect feedback, and go with it. Librarianship is constantly evolving, the more you can learn, the better.

5- Webinars. A lot of these are free, and provide top notch information about a plethora of issues in the field, bringing together experts in a particular area. They are super fun and you’d be surprised at how much new knowledge you can put in your brain in 1 hour.

6- Befriend your professors, though they can be hard graders, they are excellent resources once you are out of library school.

7- Sit back and enjoy what you do everyday – this is one of the most rewarding fields out there (at least to me), and since you’re in school for it, you probably already know that 🙂

Any other tips…leave me a comment


One Response

  1. Fantastic post! Great tips all around. Like you, I’ve learned so much actually being out in the library field and well, much of it is not things focused on in class.

    I like the webinars tip in particular! I’ve been able to learn new things for free and well, my employers love that.

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