Bloglines is going away…my thoughts

So I read on Friday that my favorite RSS feed reader site is going under as of October 1, 2010. Can I just tell you how distressing this is for me!? I found out and my fingers went flying across the keyboard tweeting this and that and trying to figure out my best route for a new reader. My RSS feed is a huge source of information for me in libraryland. In addition to the professional journals and print catalogs that we get at work, I rely a lot on my little “personal news scroll” that is Bloglines.

So I read of this news, and then I read several blog posts and other tech posts about its demise. Some were very upset about this news, while others freely said that the RSS reader is dead and /or dying, while still others said that now Google (Reader) will have a monopoly on RSS feeds/readers.

I am in the RSS feeds/Readers are NOT dying camp. I’d like to think that they are in fact, growing! I mean look at any website online, and you’ll see the little orange RSS feed link. They. are. everywhere. Seriously, go check, I’ll wait… 😉

I mean how else is one person supposed to keep up with news and blogs!? Having a dedicated reader to gather the info for you, in one spot, in customized categories no less, totally cuts down on the time you’d spend clicking from site to site, and hoping that you didn’t forget one along the way.

I did a little more research to see what my options were – basically either Tiny Tiny RSS (which required downloading/installation on a server – no thank you), or Google Reader. Well, since I already have a gmail account associated with this blog, I went with the Google Reader. Bloglines made it VERY easy to export my feeds, like VERY easy, a couple of clicks and no freaking out! And BAM, some minor view adjustments and I was up n’ runnin’ on Google Reader.  So thankfully, I can still keep up with things online, at a professional level, without wasting a lot of time clicking around.  I know, exciting stuff! Hey, I’m a librarian, what do you expect 🙂

What are your thoughts on the demise of Bloglines? Did you migrate over to Google Reader, or another RSS feed/reader?


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  1. I couldn’t find any alternative to bloglines besides Google Reader so I am now using it. Aside from my generally wanting to avoid Google, it works fine. But I’m becoming deeply worried by everyone saying that RSS is a thing of the past. How is anyone supposed to track and read multiple blogs without an RSS platform? It boggles the mind.

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